How To Repair Car Headliner, Fix It Yourself

Maybe you are one of those who already feel that your car is old age, and you begin to see that the headliner is installed on the interior of the car does not look neat and nice, because it has undergone looseness and unglued. The state of the crate headliner usually occurs in car who turned seven to ten years, since the first purchase at a car dealership.

Damage to the headliner occurs in several stages, you start to look small bubbles of material hanging on the roof of the car. When you're busy driving pet, suddenly there was a kind of small bubbles which interfere in your rearview mirror. This will certainly disturb your view, and ultimately results in pain in the neck because often turn heads. We will discuss how to repair car headliner, with own hands.
Repair Car Headliner
Repair Car Headliner
Plumpness of people who do not know the technical problems the car, do the unexpected or crazy to issue saggy headliner on their cars. Pines is an easy way to overcome the damage to the headliner, just by sticking Phines on the roof, then the problem is considered complete, when spikes will come out and they will feel more shocked and hurt.

Another way that can be applied to overcome the damage to the headliner, is to use a T-shaped pin Pin T will establish a headliner, because the material can be put together with loose sagging roof. However, this method makes the interior look more ugly car.

The next way is to use a spray adhesive to fix a sagging headliner, but it will not last long. Since the headliner spray adhesive will loose over time.

The only way to overcome the damage to the headliner is to change their old headliner with a new headliner. If enough money then you can take it to a professional installer, repair car headliner cost is very expensive. Or if you wish to do so cost-effective it can repair the headliner with own hands.

Car headliner repair steps, Fix It Yourself !

1. You must remove the trim, and support it with a an object that does not shake and fall.

2. Later you remove all of the fragile foam attached to the main board with a brush to suit the material.

3. Perform repair headliner with a careful attitude and a hat-heart.

Repair damage to the headliner with a own hands is going to take time, but your hard work will obtain satisfactory results.

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Brandon Auto said...

We are undergoing a bit of a hard time financially, that most of us will really try to fix our auto problems ourselves, so this post is really very helpful. However, in my opinion, if one is not very handy with such repairs, they should just leave the repair to the experts, so as to avoid further damage to their cars. :)
Brandon Auto