Car Reviews Toyota Avanza

Toyota Avanza, New transmission for easy driver

Model Test of Toyota Avanza 1.3 G AT
  •  Power 92 hp
  •  Torque 119.5 Nm
  •  0-100 14.9 seconds kpj
  •  Fuel consumption is 10.8 MPA
  •  80-0 m 31,5 m

We Like
  •  Fuel consumption is frugal
  •  Practicality
  •  Resale values ​​are impressive

We Do not Like
  •  Performance rear suspension
  •  Head audio unit
Since its release six years ago, Toyota Avanza listed himself as one of Toyota's products that are excellent in Indonesia. Avanza very successful thanks to the proper pricing strategy, strong image of Toyota, and of course because this is the family of seven-passenger vehicle (MPV) that are interested in Indonesian consumer, because it can haul a lot of family members.

If previously only offered S Avanza with automatic and manual transmissions, since the end of 2009 the automatic transmission option is also owned by Avanza G. Offers automatic transmission can not be separated from the increasing demand for automatic transmission cars, due to increased traffic density. What is with this new weapon, Avanza will be more successful?

Toyota Avanza Design and technology

Shape similar to the MPV Avanza no other economical that still adheres to the principle of "Boxy" and semi-bonnet. Avanza body design was original, well suited for use to a variety of activities, from work, shopping, escort schoolchildren, beriwisata, until the wedding reception.

Judging from its size, Avanza shorter and less wide than the Suzuki APV GX. Avanza has a length of 4120 mm (APV 4225 mm) wide and 1635 mm (1655 mm APV). Uniquely, although a smaller bodied, Avanza has a longer wheelbase (2655 mm vs. 2625 mm) and a smaller turning radius (4.7 m vs. 4.9 m). This indicates bahwaAvanza more agile and nimble than rivals.

Avanza standing on a semi-monocoque chassis and wheels wearing 185/70 R14. This car adopted the structure of the legs of MacPherson strut with spiral springs and stabilizer to the bow, and 4-link following the spiral spring lateral rod at the stern. Given the composition of its legs, at first glance this car offers a fairly in-class handling. For Avanza G, a series of front brake discs and drums available (drum) at the rear, as well as non-ABS.

Toyota Avanza Interior

Inside the cabin, Avanza offers a space that is roomy enough to accommodate seven passengers. Although promotion to contain seven passengers, anyway, for long trips we feel the third row bench is more appropriate if used by children.

The interior is dominated material coated with plastic and all upholstery fabric material. Controls are fairly easy to access and operate. Avanza G For this, there is a gear position indicator with a vertical arrangement of the meter cluster. Unfortunately, the audio system Avanza is still adhered to a single din and only able to play the cassette and radio AM / FM.

The condition of the driver and passenger leg room is good enough. Similarly, the head roomnya, offering enough flexibility. Shoulder room is roomy enough for the door trim that is not too thick. The second row seat leg room satisfactory, and the backrest can move freely. However, when the third row seats folded forward, you will find the backrest movement is very limited.

Toyota Avanza Performance

Mechanical heart that carried this same property Avanza Avanza G MT. 4-cylinder engine is coded K3-VE has a capacity of 1298 cc, DOHC, VVT-i technology plus, was economical and powerful. Shot of 92 hp at 6,000 rpm and 119.5 Nm of torque at 4400 rpm is similar to the Avanza G MT.

Performance of engines supplied to all the rear wheels through a 4-speed automatic transmission. Similar types of transmission which is owned Avanza S AT, but different final gear ratio: Avanza Avanza G AT 5571 while the S AT 5125. That is, the final gear ratio greater Avanza G AT S AT 0.446 of Avanza. Differences are indeed designed by Toyota for its automatic transmissions able to keep his little machine with no burden on acceleration.

By playing from a position shift gate L, Avanza able sped 156 to kpj on performance box (our measure), or about 165 kpj at the speedometer. For acceleration 0-100 kpj, Avanza G AT achieve it in 14.9 seconds, relatively fast for the size of a small MPV automatic transmission. Avanza machine readable characters begin to play when the engine turns over 2,500 rpm, performance is constantly until 6,000 rpm. This machine is characterized by high speed, would not be surprised if lap down quite a bit less responsive, especially if you only use the gear D alone.

Toyota Avanza Driving and Control

When viewed technically, ranging from engine capacity, number of gearbox, and suspension, the Avanza is fairly lively urban traffic splitting. At low speed and medium engine speed, automatic transmission is very helpful. Switching gear it was fine and did not flinch, though a bit loud roar of the engine roared.

Avanza 1.3 AT sufficient to accommodate the needs of users in the city. Stability and handling is quite powerful through urban traffic, or with velocity below 100 kpj. More than that, or the range of 120 kpj, suspension performance will decline. Symptoms of body roll that arise even greater, especially when the car is adjacent to a larger vehicle. In addition, the passengers Avanza as "kicked" from the seats when the car bulldoze bumpy surface. This is one of the biggest criticisms for the Avanza.

Toyota Avanza Buy and Own

Bargaining position Avanza G 1.3 AT is above the Daihatsu Xenia 1.3 XT AT and under the Suzuki APV GX Arena AT. Consideration is the price of Toyota's main weapon, given the target of its target consumers.

In utilities, this has indeed MPV 7-seater capacity. However, third row bench is more comfortable in use by the kids for long trips. For us, sitting position that ternyaman, located in the front seat, both passenger and driver. Meanwhile, the compact dimensions make this car reliable in urban areas and, also travel out of town.

Unfortunately, though somewhat ideal vehicle for small families, this car is only equipped with seat belt pre-tensioner and front disc brakes, as well as non-ABS brakes. We note this Avanza braking distances at the speed of 80 kpj on dry asphalt surface that is 31.5 m, and takes 3.1 seconds to stop. One thing that is praiseworthy is quite economical petrol consumption. For the city reached 10.3 MPA, the combination of 10.8 MPA, and out of town 11.4 MPA.

Toyota Avanza Rating

Being in the middle of his rival, Avanza 1.3 G AT offers the practicality and the official price is quite competitive. No doubt, a big name Toyota directly guarantee the value of this car.

Installation of automatic transmission with new gear ratio makes promising performance and fuel consumption, unfortunately, the two values ​​is less balanced with the benefits keinerja a stable suspension. As a result, certain tricks needed to drive a car in order to feel the best character. One again, the third row seat is more convenient to use by children on long trips.

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