Car Reviews Mazda2

Rather a way without losing the quality of its predecessor.

Test Models Mazda2 1.5L AT R
  • Power 103 hp
  • Torque 135 Nm
  • 0-100 13.1 seconds kpj
  • Fuel consumption is 10.5 MPA
  • 80-0 2.5 seconds kpj 27.2 (m)

We like
  • Exterior and interior design
  • Features ALC (automatic level control)
  • Control

We do not like
  • Glass rear
  • Profile tires
  • Lock doors
Mazda2 released in two versions, namely the standard (with emblems S) and a more sporty variant with emblems R. The difference can be seen from the use of fog lights (model R), electric folding mirrors, and spoiler on the trunk lid. Wheel size was different, for the S version is used profile 185/55 R15 tires, while the R version installed size 195/45 R16.

Just as the hatchback version, the car-themed 'Stylish Car You Can Wear' is equipped with a mechanical heart-coded MZR, 1.5 L, DOHC, 16 valve tech sequential valve timing (S-VT) and electronic throttle control (ETC). Our test car is a variant of R 4-speed automatic transmission.

Mazda2 Design and Technology

Because based hatchback, mazda2 needs to be additional "tail" that functions enlarge the trunk. However, the unique design of this car as it merlihatkan not berbagasi. Lines sloping toward the rear, and form the glass door behind him that is far from vertical, making it look like the Mazda2 4-door coupe.

Has a width equal to the hatchback (1695 mm), Mazda2 longer 331 mm and 2 mm lower. Both also stood on the same ground clearance, which is 152 mm, but the steering wheel (wheelbase) 3 mm longer than the hatchback. With a weight of 1079 kg (13 kg heavier than the hatchback version), Mazda2 apply tech steering system EPAS (electric power steering assistance.) By turning radius 4.9 m, quite helpful when it is turned directions and parking in limited.

Mazda2 also use the technology 'lightweight ultra-high-tensile steel' which produces a light weight but strong vehicle. The use of even more fuel-efficient and lower exhaust emissions. For safety features, Mazda2 equipped 'Mazda advance distribution of impact absorption system' (MAIDAS) that absorb energy in a collision. That plus two air bags in front (version R), ABS (Antilock Braking System), EBD (electronic brake-force distribution) and BA (brake assist).

Mazda2 Interior

Compared with rivals, such as the Honda City and Toyota Vios, Mazda2 interior design offers a more impressive. Aura sportsmanship greeted by a mix of black, baige, and aluminum accents on the steering wheel and doortrim. Dashboard is designed more ramps with high quality materials, and suggests the field.

Another interesting design and fresh indicated by the large circle in the center console that serves as home audio with the integrated head unit. This entertainment center can accommodate 6-CD, plays MP3 format, and iPod connection (socket near the handbrake lever). Interestingly, the audio feature is equipped ALC (automatic level control) that make setting the audio volume according to vehicle speed and engine hum. Features ALC has a 7-level sensitivity.

Forms windshield gives the driver and front passenger wide viewing area. In addition, the driver's seat is height adjustable. Noted, 88 cm maximum head room and a minimum of 90 cm. This setting is done by pulling or pressing the lever located on the right side under the seat. Volume of trunk capacity 450 liters (200 liters bigger) than the hatchback version. With a folding chair system 60:40, kapastias baggage could rise 1.5 times or as needed.

Unfortunately, the design reduces rear view mirror, because it is small and too flat. This condition is added by the deck below the glass: a little high and bounced off the rear glass. Visibiltas rear passengers to turn to the side was also hindered by the high door line and a small glass door.

Mazda2 Performance

Compensate for beautiful design, the Mazda2 equipped MZR engine is coded, 4-cylinder, DOHC, 16 valve tech sequential valve timing (S-VT) and electronic throttle control (ETC). From 1498 cc engine capacity, power diletupkan 103 hp at 6,000 rpm and 135 Nm at 4,000 rpm.

Power is channeled via a 4-speed automatic transmission. The combination of engine and transmission are capable melesatkan kpj Mazda2 to 0-100 in 13.1 seconds and acceleration 0-402 meters in 19.1 seconds with a speed of 121 kpj.

Unfortunately, this record is still below the performance of the Honda City and Toyota Vios which we've tested before. This happens because the Mazda2 lost about power and torque, though adrift engine capacity is very small (only 1 cc of a second adrift of his opponent). Compared City, Mazda2 smaller power 17 hp and 10 Nm of torque lower. As for the Vios, Mazda2 lose 6 hp and torque of 7 Nm smaller.

Mazda2 weaknesses braking acceleration with a better record. For kpj 80-0, this car recorded 27.2 meters in 2.5 seconds, while the City recorded 28.5 meters in 2.5 seconds and posted a 27.5 meter Vios in 2.7 seconds. At the time of testing, the track in dry conditions.

Mazda2 Driving and Control

It gives the car a moment of doubt when we see that terlalau thin profile tires. Standing on 195/45 R16 tires, Mazda2 at the same strut suspension with hatchback versions: an independent MacPherson strut (front) and torsion beam (rear). The series of steering and legs provide excellent control for the condition of roads in the city. Moving the nose of this car to get to the gap that we want is a fun activity, thanks to accurate steering.

For testing outside the city, driving Mazda2 fairly satisfactory. Minimal body roll during cornering and steering a high accuracy is the value of its superiority. Not only that, the stability at high speeds fairly well. Quality suspension Mazda2 can be divided into two things. First, on bumpy roads with low speeds (below 40 kpj), kickback feel comfortable. Second, in the streets bumpy at higher speeds, slamming the suspension began to feel less comfortable. Especially when racing on the road made of concrete, presumably, is associated with thin-profile tires are used.

Mazda2 Buy and Own

Car warranty is 100 thousand km or 3 years (whichever is reached first). Component warranty is 12 months or 20 thousand kilometers. Options accessory for Mazda2 also more than his opponents.

Mazda2 Rating

Mazda is not just marketing the version of a hatchback, but managed to build the image and public confidence with the Mazda2 , after the success of the Mazda2 Hatchback in the Indonesian market. Yes, its charming and exceptional quality control, will easily make consumers fall in love. They just choose according to taste: or hatchback, because both would give the same quality.

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I love this car in green color. It's perfect for small families. These types of car must have GPS tracking system.
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