2015 Volvo S60 Reviews And Price

Swedish manufacturer Volvo seemed to want to repeat the success of their sales in the passed year by producing 2015 Volvo S60. In passed years Volvo S60 has gained great success with sales reaching over hundred cars.

The New Volvo S60 is the second generation variant parse successful in the world. While the first generation variant has set a new record in the automotive world with a split record in the UK, namely the British land speed records. Beside the first-generation Volvo S60 also solves the average speed during the race 24 hours. S60 has Motosport is well known in the world, Many teams are using this car.

2015 Volvo S60
2015 Volvo S60

I think the new Volvo will gain success like its predecessor, it is because there are some important changes that make this car more perfect executive class.

1. Volvo S60 Interior and Exterior

I give applause to the 2015 Volvo S60 that will be issued next year. Broadly speaking, the S60 has a design and exterior body design is more futuristic, aggressive and modern. While the interior is more luxuriant and elegant style.

When we look from the front of the car does not look like most other Volvo car because it is very bold and aggressive, even these vehicles do prime revolution. The lines that there appears to be more expressive, aggressive and long.

2. Volvo S60 Engine

Engine owned luxury car with a design that is bold, dynamic and aggressive, IE the engine has exceptional ability. The machine that carried Volvo very satisfying lover, the six-cylinder engine and equipped with a turbocharger. For S60 T6 variant has 3.0-liter engine with turbocharger six cylinders are spraying power 302 horsepower and generates a torque of 325 lb-ft.

3. Volvo S60 Safety

This is the advantage of a Volvo S60 that provide security and safety while driving. During the tests the executive car collision has flawless results. In providing security, this sedan carries completeness modern electronics combined with conventional equipment. Cars made by these Sweden manufacturers obtain five rating (excellent) by the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration).

4. Volvo S60 Price

3 of the 4 The New 2015 Volvo S60 engine variants are discounted from now, with the T6 model with the new Drive-E motor coming in next season. Price begin at $33,300 for the T5 and $38,150 for the T6, both in front-wheel-drive structure. 

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